Price Structure

The Door Ding

typical door dingThe most common by far is the door ding. These typical little dents are classed as the size of a quarter or smaller (1" inch). Caused from mainly car doors, shopping carts and flying objects. Generally they are not the most difficult but it doesn't mean they are always the easiest either. A big misconception is the size of these little annoying dents.  Even though they are not very large, depending on the depth, location and access will play a part determining the final cost.


Generally the cost is between $89-$125. Multiple dings and panels are discounted.

Average repair time: 20-60 minutes.

Medium Dents

Second most common are dents that range from golf ball to a business card size (2"-5" inches). These type of dents normally are caused from flying objects, moving vehicles and objects dropping from above or against. The bigger the dent, usually the more stretched the panel has become. Therefor more time is involved. Same rules apply. Depth, location and access will determine final cost.

General cost range can expect to pay between $125-$225

Average repair time: 45-90 minutes


Dents that are the appearance of a line. These particular crease dents are one of the most complex dent removals to achieve. Imagine folding a piece of paper and then trying to iron the line out. Well imagine being so precise with a tool we use and pin pointing the exact area we need to push on without disturbing your finish. It's very difficult and that is why creases are considered one of the most challenging type of dents to remove.

General cost range: Depending on the length and depth, $125-$400

Average repair time: 1-3 hours

Large Dents

Large dents are 6" in diameter or bigger. The more stretched the more difficult. Some large dents are not as complex as they appear. In some cases, we can manage to release pressure just in the right spot and bring back 80% of the panel back to new within  5-10 minutes. But in most cases, it will take time and a lot of hand-eye coordination to work the dent out.

General cost range: Depending on the depth, access and location, $200 and up

Average repair time: 1 1/2 -3 hours